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How Video Fits In Your Strategy


As a fellow marketing and communications professional, we know that you’re always looking for new ways to strengthen your communications plan.

And at LAI Video, our team of talented producers and animators are focused on telling the right story to the right audience, in a way that makes an emotional or intellectual connection to strengthen your brand or message.

Throughout the years, we have had great success partnering with all different kinds of companies and organizations who have used video to add an extra punch or sizzle to their branding and messaging to make it sticky and impactful.

3 Types of Video That Make A Difference

Here are three types of videos that have made a big difference to our clients:

  1. Identity/Branding Piece  Bolster the opinion of your industry and strengthen your brand
  2. Motion Graphics Animation — Share your message in an engaging way
  3. Case Study — Tug at heart strings and add life to your story

While your marketing strategy for video content may rely on other techniques, we’ve found there’s a strategy for every type of budget and industry. And today, we’re sharing our tips for adding video into your business strategy so you can not only reach more viewers but also reap the likes, retweets, and shares you deserve.

Building A Successful Business Video Strategy

Developing a video business strategy often depends on your company’s size and budget. While larger companies may have more funds for their marketing department, that doesn’t mean yours can’t create a viral hit that people will be watching on repeat. To start your marketing strategy for video content, consider these points:

  • Limit Self-Promotion: While it’s great to share a few details about your business, oversharing is a turnoff—your content becomes more about you and less about what your audience wants. Create a balance between you and your product to show some of your advantages as well as the benefits of your services or products.
  • Know Your Audience: Understanding who makes up your audience, from their gender and age group to their product interests, helps you build a video business strategy that appeals to your biggest market. And more than half of all marketers conduct research at least once a month, so join the masses!
  • Partner With Influencers: If you can collaborate with an influencer, whether by having them represent your product in your video or promoting it after it's been filmed, take advantage of the opportunity. Engagement for user-generated content that highlights a product or brand is much higher—seven times higher!—than content generated by a company.
  • Build A Promotion Strategy: Decide early how you want to promote your video content. In addition to taking advantages of partnerships with influencers on social media platforms, you can also consider collaborating with businesses that support your products, as well as building a microsite to track your campaign’s performance.

Upgrade Your Video Marketing Strategy

Want to give your video marketing strategy an edge up on your competitors and take your video marketing stratgey to the next level? LAI Video can help!

At LAI Video, we are a passionate and diverse team of nerds who are always discovering new and innovative ways to deliver engaging stories that capture the attention of your viewers and drive shares, likes, and exposure for a variety of different clients from large corporations, associations, non-profits, and academic institutions all across the country.

If you are interested in upgrading your organization's business strategy for videos, contact us today to get started.

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