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“I Am IH” Campaign Wins dotCOMM and MarCom Awards!


LAI Video and the American Industrial Hygiene Association are excited to receive dotCOMM and MarCom awards for excellence in documentary filmmaking!

The awards recognize the new #IAmIH storytelling campaign that launched this year with three day-in-the-life installments. From the forensics labs of the Michigan State Police to the sprawling campus at 3M, the LAI Video nerds traveled the country to capture industrial hygienists in a variety of professional environments. We invited each featured participant to take viewers on a facility tour and share passions about the craft. The videos trigger a broader ask of the IH community, encouraging professionals to submit their stories and help inspire the next generation of industrial hygienists. 





“Six months ago, we had to google the term ‘industrial hygiene.’" said James Loizou, VP of LAI Video. "Now, through our work with AIHA, we’re dedicated to raising awareness for these overlooked professionals — those who wield science to make the workplace safer."

The pilot episode "Meet Bob" was recognized with a dotCOMM award for excellence in documentary filmmaking. The dotCOMM Awards celebrate extraordinary efforts in web and digital communication.

Following the launch of the campaign, the first two episodes were recognized with a Platinum MarCom award in the Video/Audio & Video/Film Informational category. The international creative competition is sponsored and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP).

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