Blog: Identifying Your Brand with Video

Identifying Your Brand with Video


We’ve been working on a number of identity pieces that better help clients tell their stories. More than documents or emails or “about us” sections on a website, videos can create an emotional audio/visual experience that ties directly to the brand of an organization or individual.  

Day Made of Vinyl
Produced for the Vinyl Institute, this identity video illustrates a world where vinyl already touches every surface and facet of our lives. Whether you know it or not, this material covers a lot more than the sides of our homes. From the easy-listening narrator to the lightly-whimsical visuals, this video calmly reminds viewers that vinyl truly is the material life. 

Producer + Compositor: James Favata
Producer + Project Manager: Tori Furphy 
Scriptwriter: James Loizou

Volunteers in Action
Produced for the National Retail Federation, this promotional video debuted at the Loss Prevention Conference & Expo. Featuring three specific loss prevention programs within major retail companies, the emotional piece inspires viewers in this industry to become involved with their communities and be proud of their colleagues. LAI Video conducted warm, heartfelt interviews and followed participants around creating a humbling “day in the life” perspective.

Cinematographer: Jun Yang
Editor: James Favata
Producer + Project Manager: Ellyn Church 

Introducing Erik Wahl
Oftentimes we create videos for speakers that directly touch their personal brand. In this instance, we collaborated with painter and best-selling business author Erik Wahl to create a dynamic introduction video. Played before he takes the stage, this video establishes not only Erik’s background, but also his presentation’s themes. Ultimately, it leaves audiences prepared to be inspired and ready to view the world in a new and creative way. 

Producer + Motionographer: Tiffany Lewis
Scriptwriter: Whitney Sayce 
Project Manager: Kate Kelly 

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