Industry Spotlight: Finance

by Sarah Wides
Industry Spotlight: Finance Industry

Bank regulation. Securities. Multistate licensing. Fintech. Ok, either we’ve got your attention, or your eyes are rolling back into your head. Either way, we don’t need to tell you that money matters are complicated. There are a lot of acronyms, a lot of rules, and policy is constantly evolving. It’s safe to say that many Americans don’t understand quite a bit about how our financial system works, and how these acronyms, rules, and policies affect their day-to-day lives. Or maybe it’s not a member of the general public who needs to understand—maybe it’s a member of Congress who will be voting on a bill, or a fellow regulator who needs information about the latest on crypto-currencies.

Whoever the audience is, our point is that a short video can take a very large and convoluted concept and shrink it, boil it down to the essentials. Sometimes the best way to do that is through animation—so that colorful and evocative imagery can help illustrate an otherwise difficult-to-visualize idea. If filming interviews is the way to go, we can film b-roll that shows the impact of a community bank, or how much fun a career in financial planning can actually be. When it comes to using video to tell a story about the financial world, the possibilities are endless—you can bet your bottom dollar on that (sorry, sorry, we’ll see ourselves out.)

Five Decades of Change

For the 50th anniversary of their Compliance and Legal Society’s Annual Seminar, the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) wanted to do something really cool—a long-form video that told a history of the American financial industry through the challenges it faced over decades. Relying primarily on interviews and archival footage, we created a fast-paced documentary that captured some of the most important figures of the last fifty years on camera.

I’m a CFP Pro

The “Day in the Life” video is one of our most popular formats—it lets the audience get up close and personal with the subject, not just hearing about why something this person does is so great in a soundbite or two, but really getting to know them, understanding what it’s like to be them. The Certified Financial Planner Board agreed that this would be a great approach in their effort to recruit more young people to the financial planning profession. CFP Board can explain what a fulfilling (and flexible!) career this is at recruiting events, but college students might not believe until they see it—so we let them do just that, by spending a few sun, dog, and spreadsheet-filled days with the financial planners themselves.

Local Regulations for Local Communities

A million-dollar (or at least multi-thousand dollar) question: How to make learning about the role of state financial regulators not just palatable but—dare we say, entertaining? That’s where our brilliant team of animators steps in. When the Conference of State Bank Supervisors approached us with this challenge, we decided that the best way to present the somewhat-complicated facts was through this lively, geometrically-designed video, filled with crystal clear scenes that leave nothing about the Nationwide Multistate Licensing System to the imagination. The viewer walks away with local mortgage lenders dancing in his or her head, and we’re pretty sure that’s a good thing.

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