Blog: Interns Wanted!

Interns Wanted!


Great news, schools and students! LAI Video is looking for summer interns.

Having been an intern for two summers, I feel like I’m somewhat of a "leading authority" to speak about the value of a good internship.

As a rising junior and senior, I interned at Leading Authorities Speakers Bureau. A few blocks east of our current location, the LAI Video program was just as young as it was nameless. Nestled between a trash can, a rack full of VCRs and a locked door to the men’s room, I spent many a summer-month learning about making videos. 

While I valued my education at a liberal arts college, the media curriculum was taught in somewhat of a vacuum. Without a doubt, we had some of the best edit systems and cameras. But what mattered to a "real life" company like Leading Authorities was deadlines and a quality product. The gear was arbitrary, but the power to make something-out-of-nothing was priceless.

By the end of my first summer at LAI, I was able to write, produce and animate an intro video for Arianna Huffington. 

Sure, the video might not hold up to LAI Video’s current minimum standards. Hey, this was 2007 — the year of Obama Girl and the first iPhone. Upon completion of the project, I burned a master copy onto a beta tape, but more importantly, I had a piece that I could use in my demo reel.

Not every internship is right for every intern. But even if it's optional, I strongly encourage students to seek one out and apply. You'll get one helluva competitive edge and might just learn something.


Here’s our official blurb: 

The LAI Video internship program is designed for college students studying design, animation, video and film. Fast-paced and fun, the internship will provide tangible, hands-on experience in scriptwriting, videography, editing, and composite animation. Each intern will have a unique curriculum designed to strengthen his or her individual skill-set and aspirations. Interns can expect to walk away from the experience with a new insight into the video production industry, as well as portfolio examples to be used in a personal demo reel. The internship is unpaid and intended for school credit. 

Please submit your resume and cover letter (including link to an online reel) to Kate Kelly at Please visit for additional information about LAI Video. 

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