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Introducing Our First "Annual Manual"


When it comes to video marketing, we don’t claim to know everything. But we do claim to know at least 15 things. Informed by our most unique and effective projects of 2016, we put together an “inspiration handbook” that gives 15 tips for hungry marketers. This is the kind of stuff that worked for our partners, and might just trigger genius. Or a chuckle.

I know what you’re thinking — “You guys make videos, not inspiration handbooks!” We’re trying something different, OK? And we are just as excited to write down our thoughts in a physical thing as we are to produce creative, moving pictures.

So thumb through our first ever “Annual Manual to Being Good at Video Marketing.” And who knows? Maybe our next collaboration will be featured in the second volume.


Read it to a loved one.

Read it as a bedtime story.

Travel back in time and gift it to yourself.

Or destroy it for the dark horcrux that it is.

Our Account Reps are equipped with print copies, but to access this right now, CLICK HERE!

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