Is Your Brand Voice Engaging? Here's Why It Matters.

Voice branding is quickly rising to importance when it comes to creating the ultimate user experience. From the rise of podcasts to the ubiquity of Amazon's Alexa, people are listening for information instead of searching for it. And audio technology is continuing to adapt to user need to make conversations between AI and a product user more coherent and natural.

What is Voice Branding?

The user experience with sound is not just limited to smartphones and devices, but also applies to brand perception in all organizations. Voice branding is referred to by many names: audio branding, sonic branding, VX, etc. It is defined as the identity of a brand through its sound, tone, and word choice. It is important to consider: What types of sounds do you want to communicate to listeners? What type of tone do you want them to experience when communicating with your brand?

Many organizations are implementing voice branding in their marketing strategy and brand development. If you need more convincing, here are 3 reasons why voice branding is a smart investment for all organizations.

Reasons Marketers and Organizations Should Move Towards Voice Branding

  • The User Preference Is hifting To Audio

There has never been a better time to invest in audio, as the average person listens to roughly four hours of audio content every day. And, research has shown that 53% of Americans stream audio weekly.

Personalized streaming alone is overcoming AM/FM radio. Why? The ultimate reason for this shift is because users prefer choice, personalization, and convenience. Users can be a part of controlling their experience instead of just being inactive through it.


  • Audio Is Integrated In Our Daily Lives

The audio medium is definitely here to stay and the time is nigh to be  gin your audio strategy. Don't believe me? Consider this crazy statistic: “65% of users “say that they wouldn’t want to go back to life without their Smart Speaker.” 

We live in a world where voice assistance and voice recognition is becoming, more and more, the standard. We personalize our playlists to match our personalities. Inventions such as smart speakers have become household necessities. Sound is becoming the new wave, producing better retention of information and listening with ease. The experience of sound, when produced effectively, creates a dynamic and intriguing user experience. 

  • Voice Branding is An Essential Component of Brand Identity

Given how commonplace audio technology has become, it's looking more and more like those brands who don't adopt voice branding strategies will fall behind. It's time to use audio to create interactive experiences with users.

VX is not as redundant and robotic as it once was. Smart devices such as Amazon’s Alexa have even evolved to have a personality type of ESFJ on the Myers Briggs Scale. Alexa’s project director, Toni Reid, has demonstrated that personalization is essential in voice branding, which has led to the success of the device.

Assigning characteristics, tone, and depth to one’s brand through sound can’t be a rush job. While this audio movement is evolving swiftly, considerable thought and processing should be applied when building a personality for your brand.

know your brand

Key Points to Consider for Your Brand

  • Take The Time to define your brand voice and consider all aspects of the “character” you want your users to experience. 
  • Interactive Is Better. Building a more complex dialogue can reach far beyond recordings/automated responses. The big idea is to connect and communicate, not inform and overwhelm.
  • Augment The Sound of your brand for the ultimate experience. Teleport the listener to exactly where you want them to be with a partner organization, like LAI Video, who can take your iPhone voice memo and transform it into a symphony of brand engagement.


Is voice branding a tool your organization would benefit from in 2019 or beyond? Get in touch with a member of our team now to start brainstorming ways to take your communications campaigns to the next level with a custom voice branding project.

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