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It Was a Year (So Thank You!)


The nerds at LAI Video look back fondly on a year filled with gratuitous slow motion, awkward sync claps and no shortage of Willy Wonka quotes. 


This spastic montage is a tribute to telling damn good stories with style and purpose and perhaps, also, the direct side-effects of having a bottomless supply of nitro cold brew in our office. 

And this year, like any good year, we learned things. I’ll stop short of saying we made mistakes (because we’re perfect), but we got answers to the questions we never asked.

Like how cool can you look being a certified financial pro? 

Answer: Pretty cool.

How janky can you make your executive retreat?

Answer: Very janky.

Can we redefine the term "hangry" to help feed hungry children in America?

Answer: Absolutely.

What the heck is an industrial hygienist? 

Answer: Just watch the videos.

From boxing bros and safety pros to blind heroes and insect villains, we count ourselves lucky to work with such a diverse group of partners, who keep us honest, keep us sharp and keep us googling the latest industry jargon.

And as we pause between adventures to write this holiday letter, all we can do is take a deep breath and very matter-of-factly say “It was a year.”

And we can’t wait to do it all over again.

So, thank you.

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