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James & James on “Hybrid” Filming (with Big Screens!)

Hybrid Filming

As we resume in-person filming, we are finding creative solutions for capturing engaging, intimate interactions while keeping our cast and crews safe. Oftentimes, this includes a “hybrid” approach to interviews — filming in-person talent, who is interacting with a remote participant. 

Recently, we are taking that one step further, experimenting with a host personality speaking with more life-size, virtual interviewees. In this example, a real life James interviews a virtual James through a vertical monitor. Whoa.

Here are a few reasons to consider this tech. 

Higher Production Value

While recording our host talent in a real filming environment, we can establish a multi-camera setup that also records the nearly life-size virtual guest as if they were in the room. We are seamlessly cutting between the close-ups of a real person and the close-ups of a screen person. With a little bit of set design, we could even have a real person interacting with a group of screen people, like how Nick Fury holds conference meetings (but maybe less moody).

Virtual Meeting - Hybrid

In-Person Experience

While the end product is designed to be in a league well above a Zoom-to-Zoom screen capture, the in-person experience for your host talent is also… well, delightful. Without being hunched over a laptop screen, we can record your executive interacting with virtual participants while moving freely through an open space. We are not over simplifying this — he or she simply walks in, stands on the mark, and looks at the guest(s) straight in the eyes. It’s the ultimate workaround for capturing a close, candid conversation without the social distancing and travel that would otherwise be required. 


One of the notable benefits of a “Zoom-world” is that everyone is more accessible! With this setup, we can “beam in” anyone you’d like to feature into our real-world set. And we don’t think that this trend will go away anytime soon. Whether people are in their offices or homes, get ready to see a lot more people join a conversation digitally in high-quality formats.


While our example is brief, you can see how the possibilities for a “hybrid” setup are limited only by your imagination (and budget). Think about this:

  • 1 on 1 interviews with an in-person and virtual participant
  • Panel discussions with an in-person moderator and virtual panelists
  • Trade shows with virtual exhibitors in a live space
  • Event or museum spaces with pre-recorded welcome messages from a virtual host

Start Hybrid Filming Your Talent

With hybrid events starting to become the "new" normal, as opposed to completely virtual events, stay ahead of the game by producing hybrid videos and events. Let's connect!

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