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LAI Video Introduces "The Association Identity Suite"

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Recently, top clients across industries have approached LAI Video about post-pandemic identity videos, leadership updates, and social media content with the goal of uniting their members and promoting new messaging.

In response, LAI Video has put together the association identity suite, a cost-effective communications tool designed to refresh any organization's most essential video marketing. This offer includes some of our most sought-after video solutions that address brand awareness, recruitment, and executive messaging.

This package is not only cost-efficient; it’s also time efficient. An LAI Video production team will visit your office and capture all necessary footage in just one day. We’ll film employees building relationships and workplace culture; we’ll interview your leaders and decision-makers; we’ll show your organization at its best.

After a quick edit and addition of brand elements, LAI Video can provide these three video deliverables to tackle your most pressing initiatives:

1. The Identity or Recruitment Video

The identity video is the ultimate calling card for any organization, big or small. Often featured prominently on your website, this is the best opportunity to humanize your brand within two minutes or less. The recruitment variation is similar, but its language and style focus on attracting new members (or staff) to your cause. See our work with International Baccalaureate, where we helped their team answer the question “What is IB?”

2. CEO Direct Address

While interviewing your CEO for the larger brand video, we’ll also setup a standalone recording for your leader to address any topic, which may include a state of the association, an invitation to attend an upcoming conference, or other specific calls to action. See how we facilitated Dr. Lewis Ferebee’s address at DCEF’s award show, “Standing Ovation.”

In one package, for one price, LAI Video can elevate your brand identity and boost member communication. Follow the trend and reach out to our team today!


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