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LAI Video Presents: Adapting Your Advocacy

LAI Video Presents Adapting Your Advocacy

With the thick of the pandemic still upon us, how are you telling your story to a new Congress and administration? How are you creating awareness? Demanding change? Doing right by your industry? 

Join us on January 13th at 11:00am ET for LAI Video’s first webinar in special series of virtual conversations that explores the unique marketing challenges of the day. 

Wednesday's panel — Adapting Your Advocacy —  will bring together professionals from some of DC’s top associations and non-profits to discuss public and government relations from a marketing lens.

LAI Video’s James Loizou will lead a conversation that discusses:

  • Engaging with an exclusively remote audience
  • Best practices from 2020
  • The pandemic's long-term effects on corporate marketing

The panelists:

LAI Video Presents Adapting Your Advocacy: The Panelists

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Start Adapting Your Advocacy Today!

As a video marketing agency in Washington, D.C., LAI Video prides itself on helping organizations grab the attention of policy-makers and other crucial audiences to make a difference. Learn more about our award-wining advocacy campaigns here

Ready to start adapting your advocacy to be as effective as possible?

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