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LAI Video Presents Our Documentary Reel


We make a lot of videos for a lot of clients — but our best ones seek something memorable. Something unexpected. Something human. We move viewers to new places and perspectives through documentary video campaigns.


You’re probably thinking, “Documentaries are great! I love Free Solo and Fyre. But how do they help me meet my marketing and communications goals?” And that’s a great thought.

Whether we’re producing short-form or feature-length content, we use a docu-style approach to connect real stories with real people. We laugh together, we cry together and during all of the laughing and crying, we are helping organizations recruit new team members, fundraise for specific causes and create awareness.

Together, we will brainstorm the best ways to create heartfelt, authentic messages with the real-life characters and stories already inside of your brand.

Send us an email to learn more. Let’s make a documentary!


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