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LAI Video Resumes In-Person Filming


Remember when people commuted to offices? When colleagues could chat face-to-face instead of on Zoom or Skype or Hangout or whatever video conferencing is currently trending? You’ve been creating video content via Zoom for months now, trying hard not to look like you’re trying too hard (and also avoiding being the latest target of Room Rater).


Its hard to remember! But as the economy slowly reopens, we’re ready to resume in-person filming with a few notable changes that put your safety first.

One thing is for certain, wearing masks behind the scenes and between takes won’t just be a fashion statement. It's the rule. So if you’re still wondering how to wear a mask, we made a video for that.

And if you’re looking to level up your mask-wearing abilities, we made a video for that, too.

And for all other in-person safety procedures, check out our comprehensive safety document, inspired by evolving state, federal and industry guidelines.

As we emerge from quarantine, business as usual” will no doubt look unusual. But behind the masks (and standing at least six feet apart!) will be our same crew of passionate producers and cinematographers. With our clients' and our crews safety top of mind, we are excited to safely return behind the camera to make some of that marketing magic – and dare we say, have some fun, too.

As we re-enter the real world, you can finally revisit those evergreen marketing projects that require some serious polish to avoid that DIY vibe. 

LAI Video now comfortably films in a number of ways, but if you’re looking for that classic “corporate chic” backdrop, we invite you to use our studio and office spaces.

The Studio

Our clients continue to take advantage of the LAI Video Studio that offers neutral darks, whites, or grays, perfect for an individual address or intimate off-camera interview.


The Office

Outside of our studio walls, we regularly dress specific areas of our floor to make for sharp corporate settings, including sun-lit conference rooms and contemporary office surroundings.

LAI-Video-in-person-office-medium  2-person-office-close-up-1  1-person-studio-backdrop-dark-1

2-person-office-backdrop-close-1  2-person-office-backdrop-wide  2-person-office-backdrop-close-2

2-person-office-backdrop-wide-2  2-person-office-backdrop-close-3


Filming Comfortably, Filming Safely

Our filming locations follow federal, local, and industry guidelines, ensuring that our talent and crew are safely social distanced, while still comfortable to deliver a camera-worthy performance. 



For your next marketing video, consider our interview settings as a home away from [your literal] home. We would love to schedule a call with you and your team to see how video can highlight your organizations initiatives through beautifully rendered—or painfully authentic storytelling. Let us help identify your industrys hidden stories, curate cohesive messaging, and deliver engaging videos create deeper connections with your audience and broaden your campaigns reach and exposure.

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