Blog: LAI Video Salutes the Mac

LAI Video Salutes the Mac


This week, Apple celebrates 30 years of the Macintosh. Whether you owned that original "all-in-one" or use any of the next-generation devices inspired by it, the Mac changed the way that humans throw sledgehammers into massive Orwellian monitors.

Seriously, the graphic design and digital video industries were forged by the Mac machines. Sometimes affectionately referred to as an Apple Store, LAI Video is always excited to help speakers and organizations express themselves with Apple products. We animate and composite on the behemoth "cheese-grater" Mac Pros for cutting edge motion graphics. We do mobile editing on a fleet of MacBook Pro laptops for overnight and on-site shoots. We use Apple's Keynote app to design graphic-rich presentations that can only be used on a Mac.

LAI Video Salutes the Mac​​​​​​​

Call us fanatics. Call us snobs. But we salute Apple for allowing us to wield a sense of wonder in our work and tell stories with striking speed and style!

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