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LAI Video vs 2020 (A Year in Review)

LAI Video vs 2020 (A Year in Review)

From debuting our work in Times Square to picking up our second Emmy award, LAI Video zipped and Zoomed through a year like no other. In this tight 60-second sizzle, we will make you nostalgic (or terrified) for a time when we would pack two dozen people into our studio for a group photo.

This montage is a little bit more than your traditional “year in review” celebration. It is also a testament to our many creative collaborations with our partners — organizations who were also grappling with the year’s extraordinary events.

We don’t take these partnerships for granted and know that each project was all the more precious in a year like 2020. Thank you for letting us to tell your stories and connect the world through messages of hope, compassion, and some weird corporate videos.

We can’t wait to do it all over again in 2021.

As a small token of our appreciation, please check out our Holiday Dumpster Fire – a fitting 2020 twist on the classic Yule Log to play at your celebrations and beyond.

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