LAI Video “Walks” with 3 Gold Peer Awards! | LAI Video

LAI Video “Walks” with 3 Gold Peer Awards!


While we were unable to come together in-person for the 2020 TIVA Peer Awards, we were flattered to learn that we “walked away” with six awards, including three golds and a nomination for the coveted Best of Show award.

For 23 years, the Television, Internet, and Video Association of DC has celebrated video marketing and storytelling excellence through the Peer Awards gala. This year, the maker community came together virtually to recognize DC’s best in film, television, and corporate communication.

LAI Video’s gold recipients featured a variety of creative talent and expertise, including a mission video for DC Public Schools, a commercial for a national physicians database and a docu-series for the Department of State, which was also recognized as a Best of Peer finalist. 

Our silver honorees included a case study on spatial neglect treatment, a scholarship video filmed at the YouTube Studio Space in New York City and a catchy animated jingle about washing your fruit (please do!).

Preserving Our Nation’s History | Department of State

Peer Gold Award, Best of Peer Nominee

Web Series

Director + Co-Cinematographer + Co-Editor: Tiffany Lewis
Producer: Alexandria Kelly
Associate Producer: Ellyn Church
Co-Cinematographer: De’von Wellesley
Co-Cinematographer: Phil Eisenberg
Co-Cinematographer:James Favata
Co-Cinematographer: Daniel Martinez
Co-Cinematographer: Jay Bradley
Co-Cinematographer + Co-Editor: Anthony Jacoway
Account Rep: Niles Murphy Promo | Federation of State Medical Boards

Peer Gold Award

Commercial ($10K+)

Producer: Stephanie Ciaccia
Creative Director: James Favata
Art Director: Rob Kramer
Additional Storyboards: Tiffany Lewis
Motionographer: Adam Bender
Scriptwriter: Justin Kelly
Account Rep: Susy Shaw


Innovate with Us | DC Public Education Fund

Peer Gold Award

Program Open

Producer: Alexandria Kelly
Co-Producer: Cat Church
Director: James Favata
Co-Cinematographer:Jun Yang
Co-Cinematographer: De’von Wellesley
Editor + Motionographer: Tiffany Lewis
Co-Editor: Justin Kelly
Account Rep: Melinda Foscato


Rinse Me Off | CropLife America

Peer Silver Award

Animated Program

Producer: Alexandria Kelly
Co-Producer: Stephanie Ciaccia
Director: James Favata
Design + Motionography: Rob Kramer
Story: Justin Kelly
Lyrics: Garrett Johnson
Original Music: Jason Charles Miller
Main Character: Victoria Gambriel
Account Rep: Helena Lehman


Next Generation Scholarship Finalists | National Retail Federation Foundation

Peer Silver Award

Internal Comms ($10K - $25K)

Producer: Sarah Wides
Director: James Favata
Art Director: Rob Kramer
Cinematographer: Jun Yang
Co-Cinematographer + Editor: Paul Slupski
Account Rep: Helena Lehman<.p>


Spatial Neglect Therapy | The Kessler Foundation

Peer Silver Award


Producer: Victoria Gambriel
Director: James Favata
Co-Cinematographer: De’von Wellesley
Co-Cinematographer + Editor: Jordan Anderson
Motionographer: Mike Clinger



During these hard times, we may be separated, but we’re far from alone. If you have an idea, an ask, a favor — contact us. 

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