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LAI Video Wins Best Event Filmmaking Big Apple!


Last night, LAI Video won its second BIG Apple award from the New York chapter of the International Live Events Association (formerly known as ISES). This honor was for Best Event Filmmaking. 

ILEA recognized our work on the NRF Foundation Inaugural Gala video. During the lavish red-carpet event, we captured the energy of high-profile retailers mingling with giddy students. Favata and Jun receive credit for their sharp-shooting and fast-footwork, ultimately producing a video that cemented the success of the new fundraising event (now going on its third year!).


Director + Cinematographer: James Favata
Co-Cinematographer: Jun Yang
Producer: Tori Furphy
Co-Producer + Editor: James Loizou

As we mentioned at an event last week, having a crew on-site is about capturing something that’s real. Something authentic. This docu-inspired approach transforms what could be second-thought “event videos” into powerful marketing tools for any brand. 

Last year, LAI Video received its first Big Apple for our work on the National Retail Federation's 2014 BIG Show.

Big Apple Gala

Big Apple Gala

Big Apple Gala

Big Apple Gala

Big Apple Gala​​​​​​​

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