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LAI Video Wraps Its First Movie: A Teachable Moment


LAI Video normally does the short-form, corporate video stuff, but we suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly find ourselves completing our first feature-length film, A Teachable Moment. Following four inspiring stories of stroke survivors, the documentary is as much about finding a new normal as it is living a healthy lifestyle that can reduce the risks of suffering from the neurological disorder.

To learn more about this project, check out the official film website here.

A Teachable Moment Film Venue

Better yet, if you’re local and want to see the movie, we invite you to a special screening on Thursday, May 17th, at the Carnegie Institution for Science.

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Produced in partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA), the American Stroke Association (ASA), and MedStar Health, A Teachable Moment is one of the rare projects that is the product of LAI Videos’s collective talents. Nearly every team member worked on the film, which features beautiful cinematography, witty animation, and heartfelt interviews.

A Teachable Moment Documentary A Teachable Moment Documentary A Teachable Moment Documentary Still A Teachable Moment Documentary Survivor LeeA Teachable Moment Documentary Survivor Roderick A Teachable Moment Documentary Survivor Mark French

After the May screening, the film will enter the festival circuit and play for at private viewings.

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