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LAI Video's Stroke Doc Plays for Big DC Audience


Last Thursday, LAI Video held a special screening of its feature-length documentary, A Teachable Moment, at the Carnegie Institution for Science. Playing for a crowd of almost 400 attendees, the event brought together the featured participants, their families, other local stroke survivors and experts from a wide range of organizations dedicated to stroke care and neurological research, including representatives from ATM partners the American Heart Association, the American Stroke Association and MedStar Health.

After the cocktail reception, Mark French, featured stroke survivor and President of Leading Authorities, Inc., gave a heartfelt speech about his personal recovery journey and his mission to educate the public through A Teachable Moment. French also thanked the evening’s sponsors and host committee, which included various health organizations, non-profits and local businesses. 

James Loizou, Vice President of LAI Video and one of the film’s Executive Producers, recognized the film’s crew and spoke to the project’s pro-bono nature:

“We did not make this for a client and our participants were not paid. Inspired by Mark and his story, and later the stories of Anne and Lee and Roderick, we dedicated our spare time and resources to produce something that could save lives.”

For LAI Video and its parent company Leading Authorities, Inc., this marked an important milestone of wrapping production on a unique and unprecedented project -- something that took nearly one year to produce and all of the combined creative talents of the video marketing firm. 

One hour in length, the documentary tells the inspiring stories of four stroke survivors searching for their new normal. In addition to French, the film also features Anne Dailey,  Lee Stroy and Roderick Dunston. A Teachable Moment is dedicated to Dunston, who passed away in February of this year. His family, friends and associates of the Roderick Dunston Foundation attended the event and received a standing ovation during the Q&A panel.

Following the screening, the documentary's filmmakers, survivors and doctors fielded questions from the audience for nearly an hour.

Tori Furphy, LAI Video’s Director of Operations and Client Experience and ATM’s Producer, announced that while the filmmakers submit A Teachable Moment to festivals across the world and seek broader distribution, the documentary is available for private screenings by hospitals, schools, support groups and other organizations looking to share its message of prevention and recovery. 

As audience members shared their own powerful experiences with stroke survival, James Favata, LAI Video’s Creative Director and ATM’s Director, explained that the film is unapologetically optimistic by design. It offers a positive message of hope, reminding viewers that with the right resources and education — and a healthy dose of love — we can prevent, treat and beat stroke.

The cast and crew of A Teachable Moment thank everyone who helped make the event a massive success and look forward to the film’s next chapter in spreading awareness. 


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