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LAI Video’s Top 10 Holiday Commercials of 2019

LAI Video’s Top Holiday Commercials of 2019 Cover

Like the drumming in of a new decade, 2019’s holiday commercials are making some noise. While many of this year’s commercials were a hit, viewers have made it clear that not all were as popular as others!

As is tradition, the crew at LAI Video held our own enthusiastic discussion on the matter. After some hardy laughs and just a few tears, and many surprises and delights, the results are in: LAI Video’s Rockin’ Top 10 List of Best Holiday Commercials of 2019.

10. 2019 Holidays: Cardboard Box | FedEx

It’s a sight with which many parents are familiar – a child playing with a box instead of the gift that arrived inside of it. FedEx’s commercial brilliantly turns this concept on its head, reminding viewers that while presents don’t always work as planned, holiday deliveries bring along what’s even more important: nurturing a child’s imagination.

9. Holidays: Oreo for Santa | Oreo

In this playful thirty-second spot, an unassuming cashier helps a perplexed elf take part in the time-honored tradition of dunking Oreos in milk. But when Santa signals that it’s time for their next delivery, the elf dashes out the door – taking his new friend along for the ride!


8. A Holiday Reunion | Xfinity

Embracing the magic of movies to bring people together, Xfinity’s endearing commercial sees E.T. reuniting with a now grown-up Elliott and his family. But when E.T. needs to return back to his own family, he reminds Elliott’s children that he’ll forever be in their hearts – tenderly reinforcing that Xfinity helps to create cherished memories with loved ones.

6. Holiday 2019 – Brand | Amazon

 While singing Amazon boxes throughout the ad certainly capture the joy of the holidays, what’s most moving is what happens at the end of this commercial. Featuring an Amazon delivery driver returning home to the loving arms of her children, the commercial offers a touching picture of the people behind the boxes.

5. Santa Girl | Macy’s

 Macy’s heartwarming commercial shares the story of a young girl and her dream of becoming Santa when she grows up. When she almost gives up on her dream, her parents come to the rescue, producing a powerful narrative that encapsulates the spirit of the holidays.

4. Introducing Bootiques by Boots | Boots UK

 Drawing on an eclectic mix of pop culture references and modern-day consumer trends, this commercial hilariously portrays the difficulty of finding the perfect gift - and how Bootiques by Boots makes it so much easier.

3. Holiday — The Surprise | Apple

 Apple’s holiday commercial poignantly taps into the rollercoaster of emotions that come with raising a family. While an iPad is first used to occupy two rambunctious children, the device eventually becomes a tool for accomplishing something much more significant, reminding viewers of the deeply meaningful capabilities of this technology.

2. Christmas Advert 2019 | Hafod Hardware

Produced without a lavish budget, this family-owned business’s Christmas commercial paints a truly stunning portrait of the holiday season. Encouraging viewers to tap into their childlike spirit, the ad shows how the memories that we make with loved ones will last a lifetime.

1. A Star Wars experience for all | Globe

Painting a heartwarming picture of childhood friendship, Globe’s commercial features two youngsters who build a spectacular, custom gift for their friend during the holiday season. Raising funds for Virtualahan, a virtual school for people with disabilities, the ad builds goodwill for the Globe brand while also serving as a gift that keeps on giving.

HONORABLE MENTIONThe Gift That Doesn’t Give Back | Aviation Gin

Unlike Globe’s commercial, this ad makes clear right from its title that it’s promoting a gift that doesn’t give back! Featuring the same actress from Peloton’s much-discussed “The Gift That Gives Back” spot, Aviation Gin’s hilarious commercial was bound to become a popular topic of conversation itself.

From the entertaining to the sentimental, 2019’s top holiday ads showcased the season’s spirit and serve as a time capsule for the year’s marketing trends.

As big believers in the magic of video, we wish all of our friends a very happy holidays. Here’s to a new year of producing powerful stories and bringing our clients’ visions to life.

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