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Leveraging Your Campaign to Go that Extra Click


As much as we can plot and plan a marketing strategy, it needs to still be flexible. Responsive to the times. To be aware of what’s going on in the world.

Sure, we’re now several days into the new year, but we wanted to look back at the “holiday special” episode of CropLife America’s “The Talk” campaign.

CropLife America launched “The Talk” campaign in September with a series of funny videos. Riding off the success of the initial four episodes, we decided to add one more installment before the year was over. Something Christmas-y, kinda like when BBC television shows have that one random “holiday special” floating between actual seasons.

For CropLife, it was important to keep the momentum of the highly-buzzed campaign. This episode allowed them to provide a “filler” spot, while we prepared a new set of 2017 videos.

We took our Pest character and put him in the scenario-rich environment of an office Christmas party. Justin wrote the new sketch that had Sarah bringing the cast back together from the earlier “Office Pest” spot. Tiffany designed the Pest’s patricianly ugly Christmas sweater, and Favata and Phil staged and shot the mashed potato mayhem. This was filmed on-site during a one-day shoot.

Making the most of the situation, we also conducted a full-blown photo shoot with Pest actor Andrew Nichols. These high-res photos put him in even more obscene places for social media, the microsite and beyond.

Do you have a campaign that could better leverage the holiday calendar or its own assets? Talk to us.

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