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March-April Combo Update!


The Nerds at LAI Video have been so busy, we skipped a monthly update! Here's the double-stuffed takeaway for our coolest projects in March and April.

Surprise! you're Amazing!


We continued our partnership with the DC Education Fund to highlight some of DC Public’s schools’ finest teachers, staff and programs. Different from standard awards fare, the Standing Ovation videos capture that OMG! surprise moment on camera. The results may move you. 

Certified Super-Stardom


We partnered with CFP Board to launch their new “I’m a CFP Pro” campaign — an outreach initiative to remind younger folks that financial planning can be a [certified] good time. 

Design by Stickers


We produced a series of eye-popping, foot-tapping videos to play throughout CEO Update’s inaugural Roundtable event. Call them openers. Call them bumpers. Call them a kaleidoscope of crazy! Designed as a cross between walk-out music and a full-blown session opener, these short vids aren't your grandfather's intro videos.

keep in-touch with your best customers


We partnered with Topdown Systems to promote their new CCM solution INTOUCH. Just as the software reinvented cloud-based platforms, Topdown wanted to re-think its marketing from the bottom-up. 



We jumped into the world of locally regulated banking, looking to transform key statistics and concepts into an animated explainer. Making the “go local” argument for loans, the short script presents state banks as the obvious choice for knowing your business — and for knowing you! 

A Nerd Does SXSW


Kate Burns and I jumped into our first “south-by” experience, which can only be described through an overwhelming montage. The experience can also be described with photos and random thoughts from some very thoughtful people.

Our Brand New Fo’ Real Motion Reel



With a new logo, comes a new motion graphics reel. This mixtape of our favorite visual projects shows-off the tremendous strides our motionographers have made in only a couple of years.

What is a "Day in the Life?"


I attempt to explain the concept of “day in the life,” referencing a number of clips from some of our best videos that feature real-life humans. During another event commercial, I talked about the importance of experimentation (spoiler alert: it’s important).

Dex Torricke-Barton on Video


Former Facebook, Google and SpaceX pro Dex Torrick-Barton drops some names and some knowledge about video consumption and the rapid growth of the online market. Patrick cut together the brief clip of Dex’s speaker visit to our office.

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