Marketing Tactic #23: Aligning Videos With Values

by Adam Katz

We’ve all seen it before: A commercial that tries, unsuccessfully, to align a brand with an important social cause. At a minimum, these commercials can feel insincere, as if they’re posturing to satisfy consumer attitudes. At worst, they can feel outright offensive (cue 2017 Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner).

While aligning a brand, or product with a social cause is not an easy feat, when done correctly, it can be a powerful way to build consumer loyalty. Whether it’s supporting local businesses or making time for loved ones, consumers build trust with brands in which they share similar values.

3 Videos Aligning Brands With Value

Here are three examples of commercials that successfully align brands with important social issues:

  1. We Have To See More Of Each Other  |  Ruavieja
  2. “Who Wouldn’t”  |  Groupon
  3. Project Spark: Anthem  |  Midas

Keep reading for a deeper dive into these three examples of organizations that successfully aligned their brands with an important social issue or cause.

 We Have To See More Of Each Other  |  Ruavieja 

Ruavieja’s 2018 commercial brilliantly tackles the issue of prioritizing face-to-face time with loved ones in a digital world. Capturing its participants’ emotional reactions as they learn how little time remains to spend with loved ones, the commercial subtly leads viewers to take a hard look inside themselves. Through this unassuming approach that encourages self-reflection, viewers are able to recognize that the brand understands the value of—and enhances—the precious moments people spend with those most dear. 

“Who Wouldn’t”  |  Groupon 

Unlike Ruavieja’s “We Have to See More of Each Other,” Groupon’s “Who Wouldn’t” immediately states the brand’s support of a social cause. After Tiffany Haddish announces—within just six seconds—that using Groupon supports local businesses, the commercial jumps into a humorous, fictional anecdote about the type of person that would not support this issue. Because it’s a no-brainer whom they are as a brand, “Who Wouldn’t” memorably conveys what the company clearly hoped viewers would take away: that by using Groupon, consumers will support local businesses.

Project Spark: Anthem  |  MidAS 

While Groupon’s “Who Wouldn’t” showcases an imaginary person, Midas’ emotional commercial features stories that are anything but fictional. Illustrating how the Project Spark program is helping families to get back on the road, the commercial follows a docu-style approach that highlights the lived experiences of families lacking access to a working car. Through this technique, the commercial drives home how the company is tackling the issue of inadequate transportation—fixing not only cars, but also people’s lives.

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