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New Nerds on the Block: The Fearsome Four


We’re excited to announce that LAI Video has four — FOUR! — fresh faces joining its family. Alexandria, Jordan, Chelsie and Adam come to us from very different backgrounds but share in our unique bond to build better, more creative campaigns.


After working in Hollywood, Alexandria Kelly returns to LAI Video as Producer + Project Manager with an even greater passion for telling a damn good story with moving pictures! You may remember her previous greatest hits with us, producing the light but durable Drive Aluminum campaign. After a grand cross-country adventure, Alexandria now resettles back into DC, where she’s found that absolutely nothing has changed in this town over the last two and a half years. Nothing at all.


Jordan Anderson joins the team as our newest Cinematographer + Editor. Moving from Baton Rouge, Jordan comes from a rich background of documentary and commercial-making, traveling the country to tell some incredible stories — he logged over 50,000 miles with tommysTV! Be sure to check out his YouTube channel, where he regularly creates content and reviews fresh gear for the filmmaking community. Like many of team members (we’ve lost count), Jordan is a product of JMU’s School of Media Arts and Design — we swear, we weren’t even looking for SMAD-uates this time!


A recent grad from Syracuse University, Chelsie Pennello joins the team as a Project Coordinator. Chelsie comes from a diverse production background, assisting with commercial shoots, project research and script supervision, as well as producing her own short film, Kill Green, which was the official selection of several festivals. Chelise is a cross country star, and, as Project Coordinator, will ensure that the entire LAI Video operation is running smoothly. See what we did there?


Adam Katz joins LAI Video as our official Proposal Writer. Perviously working as the Business Development Manager at Social Driver, he understands that pitching big ideas requires more than simple splash and sizzle — it takes hard work, tenacity and good old-fashioned fact-finding. Adam wields the written word to help present impressive concepts that capture the imagination of both our partners and our fellow team members — to build the blueprint for our next beautiful, emotionally-satisfying and just-snarky-enough campaign.  

LAI Video continues to collaborate with the city’s best talent in the video-making, campaign-creating biz. Stop by our office to meet the gang!

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