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New Nerds on the Block: Krystal and De'von


We’re excited to announce two new nerds joining the LAI Video family! Krystal and De’von arrive as an experienced producer and cinematographer, respectively, and bring with them a wealth of cutting-edge video know-how in the PR and entertainment fields.

Krystal Tingle has been producing creative content and creatively managing projects for over a decade. She went from a PR agency in Reno to freelance in DC and is now ready to jet-set across the country with LAI Video. Krystal’s marketing expertise and attention to detail will take our projects to the next level. And her infectious personality will make them go to even… more levels.

De’von Wellesley joins LAI Video with an artful eye and a gut instinct that can be hard to find in the media biz. He influenced us with his @influencebynightmares brand, proving he’s got enough style and swagger to keep our own stuff strong and sharp. He’ll be the most dangerous behind the lens, but can also be found cutting together some great videos. And he’s like super travel-ready, too.



LAI Video is committed to working with the finest talent that the video-making and video-marketing arts has to offer. Stop by our offices in Washington, DC, anytime — we'll give you a grand group tour.

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