Our Picks for 2018 Trends in Video-Marketing

by James Loizou
2018 Trends in Video-Marketing

As we begin a new year, it's our pleasure—no, our duty—to talk about and wildly predict the trends sweeping video marketing in 2018.

From ephemeral (or "Snapchat") marketing to full-blown documentaries, we'll feature specific trends over the next several weeks and invite you, the marketing community, to determine if these are click-bait gimmicks or an enduring shift in the way we tell stories:

Video Trend #1: Ephemeral Marketing
Why Disappearing Stories are Here to Stay

Video Trend #2: Personalized Video
This is Totally Possible and Not Magic

Video Trend #3: User Generated Content
Invite (No, Challenge!) Your Fans to Tell Your Story

Bonus Video Trend: Design!
Post-Minimalism And the Rise of the Unicorn

While this research helps feed our never-ending appetite for listicles, it also keeps us cutting-edge and relevant in a field where remaining the same is just... boring.

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