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Retail on the Road: B-Rolling through Nevada


The National Retail Federation and LAI Video have been making retail magic since the summer of 2011. And we rounded out the month of June with a big win in NYC for our video recap of NRF's 2014 Big Show. 

But a few weeks earlier, our Creative Director and Cinematographer found themselves somewhere outside Reno, at the edge of the desert, when the retail magic began to take hold again. 

James, Jun, and 200 pounds of equipment had touched down the day before in Reno to meet the team from NRF's Retail Across America for an epic road trip, crossing 400 gorgeous miles of the Silver State between Reno and Las Vegas.

On the way, they would shoot nonstop to capture the vast scope of Retail Across America's Nevada campaign, capitalizing on the breathtaking views, and the horizon-to-horizon blue skies of the Basin and Range.

"Every day started at first light," says James, "and we kept shooting past sundown." Then they hit the strip to capture the neon and glitz of America's gambling capitals. 

"It felt spontaneous—like a road trip—one day we were wading into the Truckee River to shoot fly fishers from the Reno Fly Shop, the next we were inside Zappo's headquarters in downtown Las Vegas, capturing an epic long take interview, and battling crocodiles in the HR department ball pit." 

"It was an alligator!" insists Jun.

For the LAI Video team, ten-plus-hour days aren't that unusual, but the chance to hit the road with NRF, complete with custom t-shirts, pimped rides, and a hood-mounted GoPro? Well, those opportunities just don’t come around as often. So despite triple-digit temperatures and a breakneck pace, James emphatically sums up the weeklong shoot this way: "Fun. Grueling Fun. These were two-energy-drink days. I usually stick to just one. But we had an awesome time with NRF in Nevada."


Now the question on everybody's mind at LAI Video is, when do we do Hawaii? Want to see more from our Nevada adventure with NRF? Check out the Retail Across America blog.

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