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Soften That Corporate Brand (with Video!)


LAI Video recently had the opportunity to partner with the National Retail Federation and Walmart to highlight a story about giving back. Recently honored on NRF’s The List of “Givers,” we produced a video that spotlights retired Brigadier General Gary Profit and his incredible work developing Walmart’s military programs.


Not only does the video feature other veteran-turned-leaders at Walmart, but it also reminds viewers about the store’s unique military history: Sam Walton founded Walton’s Five and Dime shortly after leaving the army. It’s those military qualities that helped Walmart become one of the world’s largest retailers.


Producer/Director: James Favata
Co-Cinematographer + Editor: Anthony Jacoway
Project Manager: Tor Furphy

It takes the right business video production partner to both trust your corporate brand and tell a story as delicate as Profit’s. It was a privilege to record at a Walmart store location and its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.


We kept our team light and agile with a two-man crew of producer-cinematographers, bringing out the best soundbites from Walmart’s finest. In the edit room, we crafted the story out of hours of raw footage to create a promotional video that embraces a lesser-told story of retail.

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