Soften That Corporate Brand (with Video!)

by James Loizou
Softening the corporate brand graphic

LAI Video recently had the opportunity to partner with the National Retail Federation and Walmart to highlight a story about giving back. Recently honored on NRF’s The List of “Givers,” we produced a video that spotlights retired Brigadier General Gary Profit and his incredible work developing Walmart’s military programs.


Not only does the video feature other veteran-turned-leaders at Walmart, but it also reminds viewers about the store’s unique military history: Sam Walton founded Walton’s Five and Dime shortly after leaving the army. It’s those military qualities that helped Walmart become one of the world’s largest retailers.

 The List Spotlight: Walmart

Producer/Director: James Favata
Co-Cinematographer + Editor: Anthony Jacoway
Project Manager: Tor Furphy

It takes the right video production partner to both trust your corporate brand and tell a story as delicate as Profit’s. It was a privilege to record at a Walmart store location and its headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas.


We kept our team light and agile with a two-man crew of producer-cinematographers, bringing out the best soundbites from Walmart’s finest. In the edit room, we crafted the story out of hours of raw footage to create a promotional video that embraces a lesser-told story of retail.

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