Blog: Send Holiday Cheer with LAI Video

Spread Holiday Cheer with LAI Video

Spread Holiday Cheer with LAI Video Cover

Although a bit early, it is important to plan for sending out holiday cards to clients or members: but it can be both costly and time consuming to make traditional cards with hand signatures, mailing labels, and postage, when they all inevitably end up in the trash. It might be easier to consider making a video instead.

Use a video this holiday to:

  • Re-cap your 2019 highlights
  • Tell clients or members how much you appreciate them
  • Show them the difference it makes when they choose your organization
  • Remind them what makes you special
  • and spread holiday cheer!

Sending a card is a one-way connection that only scales so far. Sending a video allows the recipient to respond, share the message with others, and have it reach a larger audience.

Interested in a holiday video, but not sure where to start? Let's brainstorm together to figure out fun ways for us to create a holiday video for you!

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