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Strokes and the Power of Video

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In 2018, we produced A Teachable Moment, a feature-length documentary about strokes with the American Heart Association, American Stroke Association, and MedStar Health. Throughout the documentary, we produced carefully-researched animated scenes that explained the basics:

 "What is a Stroke?"

Know the F.A.S.T Signs

What are the risk factors of Stroke?

After the premiere of the A Teachable Moment, we began working with other organizations that are dedicated to studying strokes and treating survivors in with cutting-edge technology. 

The Stroke Comeback Center on Aphasia 

The Kessler Foundation on Spatial Neglect

MedStar NRH & Georgetown University Medical Center on Brain Plasticity

And earlier this year, we produced a PSA for America’s communities to become “Stroke Smart Cities” and adopt specific public education. 

Stroke Smart Virgina PSA

It’s been an honor to work on these projects, but the work must continue. We encourage everyone to learn and share this information widely. And as you become a stroke advocate, please check out these amazing resources:

The American Stroke Association

MedStar Health Stroke Prevention and Risk

The Stroke Comeback Center

Kessler Foundation Guide to Spatial Neglect

Georgetown University and MedStar NRH Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery

Stroke Smart Alexandria

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