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The "Make Me That!" Dilemma


A question we get a lot, especially from new and prospective clients, is, “What works well for your best clients?” Some might see a video from our portfolio that they absolutely love and want to know if we can do the same thing for them—and we absolutely can!  But the truth is, what works well for our biggest repeat clients—the ones whose videos people continue to pick out of our portfolio time and again—are the ones who ask just the opposite. Instead of, “Can you make [x] video for us?” they come to us wanting to take risks, get edgy, and allow us to push ourselves creatively.

Take the #GiveaCrop series that we’re producing for CropLife America. After understanding their basic communication goals, CropLife let us get edgy with the video campaign concept and script. Where many folks might say, “Ehhhh our members might not go for that” or choose to play it safe, CropLife was willing to take a risk and step a bit outside of the DC association box.  What resulted was something hilarious, memorable, and effective—not to mention a whole lot of fun for our team to create!

But you don’t have to make sexual innuendos to take risks with your videos — we get it. Many of our client’s members just might not go for that. Sometimes risks can take the form of using less conventional camera angles. Take this career recruitment video that we made for the Mortgage Bankers Association. We used a “dutch angle” for the interviews. It’s subtle, but it makes a difference.

Or this video that we did for the DC Education Fund where we trained students to use GoPro cameras on their world travels. We then incorporated that footage into a compelling video campaign that was very literally told from their perspective.

Our (steadily growing!) team of 14 is made up of some of the most creative, talented minds in DC. And we’re all millennials, so we’re perfectly positioned to help you reach that much sought after demographic! When you’re ready to take a risk and to set your organization apart from the crowd with effective, memorable video, give us a call! And give us a chance to help you step outside of your comfort zone and create something brilliant. Something that our future clients will point to and say, “I want you to make me THAT!”

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