The Overnight-Edit Recap Video

Your big event is going great. Your spent months (maybe years!) pulling it all together and today is the last day. Attendees seem engaged, happy even.

This morning you see a lot of bags being pulled through the meeting space, people are checking in for flights and starting to mentally check out of your program. How do you pull them back for just a little longer and remind them of why they came and what they are now taking home with them?

Enter, the overnight-edit recap video. (What? You can do that?!)

Yes! By shooting throughout the day and feeding footage back to our on-site HQ, we can deliver high-energy, high-content pieces that are ready to go first thing in the morning to re-ignite that "I love it here" vibe from yesterday and reinforce the value of attending.

See one of our favorite overnight-edit video recaps below:

Is this something you might like to explore for fall or 2020?

Drop us a note or call us to learn more, we are happy to provide more details.

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