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From the minds behind the popup Modifier le Baie comes the #HelloJustinProject, the latest installation takeover of an LAI Video Edit Bay.

Directors of Exhibitions, Tiffany Lewis and De’von Wellesley, oversaw the temporary art gallery, which surrounded the video agency’s Senior Scriptwriter & Editor with framed contributions from local artists.

The exhibit opened with a mid-day reception extended exclusively to members of LAI Video and its sister companies.

The gallery was promptly closed and dismantled at the end of the day. While few art was sold, many hellos were given.

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When you say hello to Justin you’re saying hello to yourself.

It insists on being. But not just being, being there. But even being there is just one particular beginning. Indeed, in this moment, we are only just slipping in through the back door of the theater, midway through the performance. And after just a few minutes, when our responsibilities require that we leave, someone else is likely to brush past us in the dark, only just arriving, feeling their way to an empty seat in the silent audience. Our hands touch theirs, grazing the soft skin of the wrists, the bare forearms, maybe, and through this, we arrive as the surprise static discharge of language— expansive, all-encompassing, and yet merely reflexive. Always, with art, we bump into a stranger, and politely we recognize it, greet it, know it, and excuse ourselves: Oh?


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