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The Top 10 Best Holiday Commercials


As we all know from the Andy Williams’ 1963 Christmas Album, right now is the most wonderful time of the year. Arguably, it’s also the most wonderful time for commercials. While there is certainly no shortage of notable holiday commercials, not all are so powerful, or so funny, or so emotional or just so brilliant that they are seared into our collective memories.

From vintage hits to this year’s best, the LAI Video team compiled our list of the top ten holiday commercials of all time.


10. Lighthouse – The Perfect Gift Brings People Together | Macy’s

An emotional masterpiece, Macy’s Lighthouse commercial abounds with themes of family, childhood, and compassion, illuminating the idea that holiday gifts can very literally act as the lights that bring people together.


9. 2013 iPhone Christmas Commercial | Apple

The holidays are about reminiscing over memories and creating new ones with family. In its commercial, Apple masterfully portrays how the iPhone heightens this quintessential holiday experience in a way that the video-maker in all of us can relate.


8. Give The Gift of Possibilities! | The Illinois Lottery

Presenting a family excitedly gathering for a Christmas celebration, the commercial ingeniously illustrates how a lottery ticket is a gift unlike any other; it is a gift of hope. And what gift could better encapsulate the holiday spirit than that?


7. 1998 Christmas Commercial | Campbell’s

Inviting viewers to literally watch the snow melt away and very nearly smell and taste a delicious bowl of warm chicken noodle soup, Campbell’s 1998 commercial is a fully sensory, deeply nostalgic experience.


6. Get Rewarded For The Gifts You Give This Holiday Season | Kohl’s

A comedy of character at its finest, Kohl’s holiday commercial portrays Mrs. Johnson—a normally ordinary woman—as she becomes a gift-giving hero on a mission to spread holiday cheer. As Mrs. Johnson very literally jumps on the Kohl’s train to receive her Kohl’s cash reward, the commercial humorously conveys how the viewer, too, will be rewarded with Kohl’s cash by shopping at the department store.


5. Silent Night – Peace On Earth | Pampers

A true tribute to the holiday spirit, Pampers’ Silent Night commercial simply—yet very poignantly—relates the ever-so-peaceful rest of a child to a more peaceful future.


4. Santa Packs Are Coming | The Coca-Cola Company

Cleverly playing off of the energy that everyone feels as the holidays approach, the commercial expertly conveys that Coca Cola’s Santa Packs are coming to a town near you—and they’re moving just as fast as Santa’s sleigh.


3. The One Gift Santa Can’t Deliver | International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

In its deeply emotional commercial, the Red Cross powerfully juxtaposes Christmas cheer with anything but that. As Santa meets with a child torn away from her parents, the video creates an imperative call-to-action about the importance of supporting the ICRC’s work.  


2. The Boy and The Piano | John Lewis & Partners

In this beautiful “advert” for John Lewis & Partners (a very British word for a very British department store), the viewer reminisces with The Rocket Man himself, whizzing through his extraordinary career to that moment that changed everything. For everyone. 


1. Delta Holiday: Two Words | Delta

Drawing on the universal language and themes of air travel, Delta’s holiday commercial portrays in a highly relatable manner how the airline is the conduit through which people are reunited with their families during the holidays.



Ellen Introduces Her Holiday Headphones | The Ellen DeGeneres Show

We believe this is certainly a “commercial” to which all viewers can relate!


Project Spark: Anthem | Midas

Though not technically a holiday commercial, Midas’ Project Spark: Anthem is still a superb reflection of the holiday value of giving back to the community. Using a docu-style approach that highlights the difficulties of inadequate transportation, the commercial very literally drives home the idea that Midas’ is using its skills to not only fix cars but also fix lives.


We Have To See More Of Each Other | Ruavieja

Bringing so much more to the table than just a drink, Ruavieja’s eye-opening commercial offers a message that resonates well beyond the holidays.



As you head home for the holidays, we hope you return feeling refreshed and ready to make an impact as lasting as these commercials.

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