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Trends for Communicating During a Pandemic


Amid so much uncertainty, social distancing, and remote work, we are all adjusting to an entirely new normal. Forced to relinquish our routines and adapt to a life lived indoors, we're increasingly turning to technology to work and socialize. The importance of face to face communications has never been greater and today that means we rely on video more than ever.

From Zoom meetings and happy hours to crowdsourced messages circulating on social media, video can allow us to maintain our sense of community as we adjust to life during a global pandemic. LAI Video offers a variety of virtual solutions that will help you keep in touch with your audience without requiring you – or our camera crews – to break quarantine.  

Keep Communicating

Today, it's about staying relevant. People will remember how brands reacted to the major economic and social changes that are taking place right now.

This new 30-second spot from State Farm Insurance is a great example of how organizations are using video to stay engaged in the moment, without putting production crews or spokespeople at risk. And see if you can spot the cameo from LAI Video's own James Favata and his talented daughter! 

Using a script that hits just the right notes, stock video, and crowdsourced content, State Farm was able to create an effective, inspiring message.

Keep Internally Communicating

With meetings canceled and offices closed, video is one of the best ways to stay engaged with your remote employees, membership, or other stakeholders. Consider Marriott International's recently released video featuring their President and CEO, Arne Sorenson.

With the hospitality business experiences a massive contraction, Sorenson's direct address provides the much needed authentic, humble, and human side of a complicated story. 

As leaders look to stay connected, a single camera, smart script and powerful delivery might be all you need to make an important update. Our black box studio is an ideal space to capture your message, that is, once we're all on the other side of this thing. 

Small Productions, Big Impact

Simplifying how you choose to capture your message in the name of safety, doesn't mean skimping on impact. Cellphone videos or interviews conducted via Skype can still drive compelling content. Just take a look at this powerful PSA from CBS. 

Videos that embrace the DIY production value aren't unique to these unprecedented times but given much of the world's new reliance on video conferencing and social media platforms, these "webcam anthems" feel particularly poignant today. 

That doesn't mean you need to set aside production value completely. We can help polish a grab-bag of user-submitted assets, or create a custom graphics package for your digital compilations and virtual meetings. 

Information on Demand

With so many people stuck at home, engaging video content is in high demand. Now might be the time to share your expertise through a PSA or create that explainer video you've had on the back burner. 

The Ad Council, in partnership with the CDC, have released several short and effective animated PSA's that quickly answer common questions about the spread of the coronavirus. 

The World Health Organization released a similar spot but chose a quirky retro design that feels playful without diminishing the significance of their message.

Longer format explainer videos, like this example from Vox Media about social distancing, pull widely from a video creator's toolbox. It features crowdsourcing, remote interviews, and screen captured content to create an immersive experience that informs and entertains, without requiring creators or on-camera subjects to leave the comfort and safety of their homes. 

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