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Using Video to Power Every Part of Your Business

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Due to its undeniable engagement potential, video can – and should be – an active part of your various business initiatives.

Video can be used in many ways outside of traditional marketing objectives. Here are some examples of how to use video to improve your business:

Internal Comms

Internal communications can be useful in breaking up the typically mundane announcements that are shared among your staff and are a great example of how to use video to improve employee engagement. From sharing day-in-the-life videos to better set job expectations to creating internal address videos, internal comms videos can make internal announcements much more engaging and something that people within your organization look forward to.

Take a look at this internal comms message we created for DCPS targeted at education students and parents about a return to in-person learning.


Virtual events became the norm in 2020 and will continue to be the new “normal,” even once the pandemic ends. Videos can be used as an effective tool to differentiate and make your program more engaging by incorporating things like animated graphics or pre-recorded speaker intros.

Videos can also be used to build anticipation before a virtual event with an event promo video or as quick overview after the virtual event with a post-event recap video.

Check out the virtual event recap video we put together for NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, for their typically in-person I.CON event.


Have the impacts of COVID-19 caused your organization to pivot and rethink the way you do business? Do you need to revamp your corporate image to better align with your current goals and intended image? Videos can be a great tool to use when rebranding your company. From showcasing a new brand story to renaming your organization, maintaining your likeability in the market is easy with a stellar video.

Check out the brand story we crafted for the National Retail Federation by pulling together soundbites and member interviews and stage presentations.


With so much going on in the world, it’s important to have a strong advocacy campaign that keeps your audience informed and aware of your goal. LAI Video is well aware of how important it is to create change and has helped many organizations do so through various advocacy marketing campaigns.

Farm Credit Council's advocacy video reminds policy-makers of the end customers that FCC's members support - America's farmers.

Additionally, we also hosted a webinar on how to adapt your advocacy during a pandemic and a new Congress and administration. Check out some of the advocacy pro tips we revealed on how to stay on top of the marketing challenges presented to us during these times.

Key Services & Resources

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video is worth even more than that. A video can quickly describe how to complete a task or use feature on a website.

We created a Provider Bridge promo that explains how the new website and database allows healthcare professionals to offer their support to hospitals in need across the country.

Product Launches

Not sure how to get the word out about your cool/amazing/fantastic new product? A product launch video can be the single most effective way to get the news across about your newest product or program.

The AWS Girls' Tech Day Teaser hints at the tech giant's brand new, all-virtual online courses designed to empower girls interested in STEAM fields.

Start Using Video to Power Every Part of Your Business

Ready to start using video in all aspects of your business initiatives but not sure how to use video to promote your business? We can show you how to use video to increase customer satisfaction, explain why you should use product videos to increase sales, and help you use video to improve engagement overall.

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