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Video Localization Helps You Reach a Broader Audience


With the power and reach of marketing, your organizations message can be seen and heard by just about anyone, anywhere in the world. But can they understand your message?

Adding subtitles and translations to marketing campaigns for foreign language speakers is now common practice. And while this is an excellent first step, theres so much more that can be done to create campaigns that better resonate with diverse audiences.

Examples of Video Localization

Much of our recent work at LAI Video has involved working closely with our partners to understand their viewers and create localized content that is highly targeted toward the foreign language groups they want to reach: ​​​​​​​

  • No Kid Hungry: A dynamic, text-based video utilizing animated typography that was easily adapted from English to Spanish to reach a different, but equally important audience.

To see our work with No Kid Hungry, click here.

  • DCPS #ReopenStrong: Part of an expansive community outreach campaign, this roundtable features Spanish-speaking teachers, students, and staff discussing the challenges of returning to school during a pandemic and was directed and edited by bilingual LAI Video team members.  ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • AWS Girls’ Tech Day 2020: Features virtual presenters speaking several different languages to promote STEAM opportunities for girls across the world.

The Benefits of Video Localization

  1. Expanded Reach
    Your product, service, or cause was designed to appeal to the masses, and your marketing should follow suit. Skipping out on localization means passing up the opportunity to truly connect with a segment of your target audience. Yes, they may see your campaign, but if they dont engage with it, is it truly reaching them? 
  2. ​​​​​​​Higher-Impact Messaging
    Creating localized content for diverse language groups often involves re-writing parts of your script and re-shaping visuals. Your audience members will understand and be more likely to act upon a message that is created to appeal specifically toward them, in contrast to one that has translated subtitles in their language, often with imagery and messaging they struggle to identify with.
  3. Increased Web Traffic
    Webpages with videos that are localized for diverse audiences tend to spark longer engagement, putting them in prime position to rank higher in search engines. You can further optimize by going the extra step and making sure that all title tags, descriptions, and metadata for videos you post online are localized for their markets as well.​​​​​​​

Ready to Start Localizing Your Campaigns? LAI Video Can Help

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