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Virtual Pro Tip: Not Live, Live Awards Shows

Virtual Pro Tip: Not Live, Live Awards Shows

If you’ve planned a live virtual awards program, you may have been surprised at just how darn complex it is — troubleshooting new platforms, planning for fail-safes, working around people’s at home intent connections, or personal distractions — this is not as simple as just setting up a big Zoom meeting! But it can be easier. And maybe cheaper, too.

Pre-Produce Your Awards Show

Pre-assembling your entire awards show can be an extremely effective way to deliver an engaging, highly-produced experience without the increased risks of technical difficulties or presenter errors that come with a live show.

We recently partnered with the Boy Scouts of America National Capital Area Council to produce their annual awards luncheon and gala banquet for a remote audience. In past years, we’ve helped BSA NCAC produce cinematic content, like the Life of a Scout series, that helped accentuate the formal, sit-down dinner (remember those?). This year, we still had to deliver an impressive ceremony, but we also had to offer attendees a compelling reason to join the virtual fundraiser.

The choice to pre-assemble the entire show allowed BSA to expand the program's scope – making it much easier to feature a diverse selection of speakers from the region’s scouting and business communities – that included bestowing an esteemed honor to none other than Dr. Anthony Fauci, whose appearance was wrapped in our signature tribute video.

For both the luncheon and dinner, we recorded a line-up of presenters in advance using a remote teleprompter controlled by LAI Videos's production team. Working from scripted remarks gave BSA NCAC total control over the messaging, keeping volunteer emcees and speakers on point, while also allowing us to ensure seamless continuity (even when recording these participants weeks apart and completely out of order).

We also created a custom graphics package to help unify the vast array of assets and pre-recorded content that made up each hour-long program. Flashy enough, these graphics enhanced the viewer experience while never taking away from the content (or the viewer’s perception that this event could be live).

To debut both events, we brought the audiences together for virtual receptions (that were actually live) before directing attendees to YouTube Live streams of each show (that were not actually live). Whoa!

The moral of the story is, virtual events may come with additional heartaches, but they have some unique advantages, too. And producing not-live, live events is our pro tip for the day. Keep the tight control of your event that you crave without the risks of doing it on the fly.

Pre-Produce Your Next Virtual Event

Does your organization have an awards showing coming up? Pre-producing your awards show can save you the stress of potentially having to do damage control if any mishaps come up during your live virtual event. LAI Video can ease your headache and offer effective techniques in getting your message across during your virtual event with pre-recorded content. 

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