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Visualizing An Industry: A Producer's Tale

Visualizing An Industry: A Producer's Tale

As a Producer/Project Manager, I obviously love all of my videos equally. That being said, like so many proud parents before me, I’m gonna go right ahead and tell you all about one of my equally loved videos that some of my other videos will never be able to live up to – and that’s okay! Those other videos have other strengths! 

…Okay, fine, this is one of my favorites. Let me tell you why.

ITI Decodes is actually a series of videos that we’re working on for the Information Technology Industry Council, known as ITI (the “C” is silent). When working with policy makers around the world, ITI often comes across certain issues that warrant deeper explanation before discussing how to appropriately regulate and legislate. The IT industry evolves rapidly, and it can be hard to keep up! But with a world that is more connected than ever before, it’s imperative that policy makers have at least a basic understanding of these issues in order to grow economies efficiently, keep their digital information secure, and take full advantage of the many benefits living in a digitally-connected world can afford us all.

I have loved several things about working on this particular series, not least of which is being able to learn about tech topics that I may have had a less than thorough understanding of. For instance, when I first saw “The Internet of Things” as a line item on our meeting agenda, I thought maybe it was a working title placeholder for something like, “Internet 101.” The Internet of Things is…a thing? Why, yes it is! And now we have a video that will explain it to you (and to me).

ITI Decodes: The Internet of Things


And while watching the video itself is obviously super informative, being a part of creating the video was infinitely more so. Which brings me to the second thing I love so much about this series: the collaboration between me, our creative team, and the amazing team at ITI. Working with ITI is the best. That’s not to say there have never been challenges. But what was and is so great about working with them was really formulating the ideas together. They had the deep understanding of these topics, and we are here to help bring them to life. There have been many conference calls and meetings talking about Encryption or Artificial Intelligence, and what examples lend themselves well to animation while avoiding sticky topics that can muddy the waters for the viewer. We’ve been able to form a relationship of trust that really lets us flex our creative muscles and bring these stories to life. There was some hesitation on the first round of storyboards for the first video in this series, Global Data Flows. It can be hard at first to imagine static images coming to life, and telling the story visually in a way that the voiceover script can’t. But they stuck with us! They saw that first video come alive in animation and, well, the rest is history! We’ve completed five videos for them in five different languages each. And we’re just getting started on the next four!

ITI Decodes: Global Value Chaines (in Indonesian!)

Do you have a tough industry topic that needs explaining? Let us help you bring your industry story to life! 

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