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We Gift You This Holiday Dumpster Fire

We Gift You This Holiday Dumpster Fire

At the end of a momentous year, we have nothing more to offer you — our loyal fans — but this intimate Holiday Dumpster Fire. That’s right. You read this correctly. Fill your homes and home offices with the only yule log video that makes sense this pandemic holiday season.

Filmed in our Studio and rendered with love, watch as this peaceful scene transforms into a cathartic bonfire - allowing viewers to let 2020 (and all of its belongings) burn. We were even so inspired to write a poem about it:

Hark! A dumpster fire to play on your screen.

Let this burn everything, just like COVID-19.

Ties, pants, and formal attire?

Nope, there’s no need, they go into the fire.

You voted? That’s great, throw it into the flames.

Along with plane tickets to the Olympic games.

Face masks? No keep that, you’ll need those for sure.

We’re stuck here in limbo until there’s a cure.

You can watch 2020 burn at your leisure,

Here’s to a better next year, by any measure.

This passage is actually part of a bigger, sweeter message from all of us at LAI and its many divisions.

Seriously. It’s been a weird year, but certainly not one we will forget soon! Thank you for being a part of it.

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