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What is "Sadvertising?"


Sadvertising. It’s a real thing, and something you’re going to see a lot more with this week’s Olympics kicking off in Rio de Janeiro. Check out P&G’s latest ad in a long running series of “mom” commercials.

Sad, right? But brilliant. Brilliantly sad. Marketers are realizing that if you connect with your audience on an emotional level (an emotionally sad level), your bond with them will be stronger. That’s why the big brands (DuracelDoveSkype) are telling some pretty powerful stories.


But you don’t have to be Google to make people cry. Anyone can make people cry! In the last six months, we’ve partnered with some great organizations to tell very real, very human stories. Watch through the end of A Lineman’s Lineman and wait for that tear slap.

And conversely, we’re dabbling in “fundertising.” This has been a thing for a while, with everyone Super Bowl, super-bro Doritos commercial, but it’s still an important reminder that an emotion of any kind is a good thing to harness. Even this stats-heavy video for the Drive Aluminum campaign talks about science with a bit of color and a bit of quirk.

Let’s talk about making your videos look like the wonderful, emotional human beings behind your organization.

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