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Why So Serious?


Imagine the onslaught of infinite video content delivered to your audience everyday. You're not only competing for their time, but you're competing with the attention-grabbing novelty of a cat tickling the ivories. Now it's not a question of substantive content, but truth be told... that's one cute cat.


Today, the best content isn't best enough. Now more than ever you need to package your content with a creative twist. Or you can push your content into an elevated cinematic space that makes it impossible for your target audience to ignore. The days of studio interviews driven by talking heads are long past over. You need to allow yourself the freedom to have fun with your content!

Shaq Shimmy

Pushing your content into an elevated cinematic space does come with a price tag but that's not your only option. If you feel that you can only get your point across by talking to someone on camera try going live from a park or coffee shop. Or try standing up, using props, keeping in those funny outtakes... basically watch your kid's favorite "YouTuber" and take notes! If it feels like too much on-camera, trust me, it's just enough. Never hold back, allow yourself to be yourself! The too-much-coffee-at-Disney-with-no-lines self. Not the this-is-how-smart-and-important-I-am self. You have a millennial audience analyzing content in a new way, and this generation has zero patience for lack of authenticity. But don't fret yet because it's fun to be the real you. You're cooler than you think!

And in the end, if you decide to elevate your content into a cinematic experience of epic proportion... don't worry, we got you.

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