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Why Is Working with a Professional Video Production Company So Expensive?

Why Is Video So Expensive

As video begins to play a larger role in organizations’ marketing and communications plans, the question were hearing most often is: Why is working with a professional video company so expensive?

After all, everyone is now equipped with a video camera in their pockets nowadays. And many organizations also have an internal “video person” or video department. So, why should they work with the professionals?

We’ve outlined five things you should keep in mind when considering working with a full-service video agency.

1. Kick Back, Let Us Drive

JF-FilmingA clear value add for working with a professional video company is project management. As your projects traffic controllers, our client experience team manages all logistics, maintains tight production schedules, and keeps an eye on the budget. They bring the right team members into the collaboration at the right time, regularly briefing new artists about a project’s goals and vision. Most importantly, they become your lifeline. Your confidant. Your primary point of contact shouldering a level of management and stress that may have been otherwise left with you.

At LAI Video, we pride ourselves in keeping your client experience team (including your account rep, producer, and creative director) the same throughout the life of our partnership, which will hopefully create a comfortable shorthand working relationship and an undeniable institutional knowledge about your preferences and brand.

2. A Full-Blown Production

Competent video agencies bring years of expertise and storytelling craft to your project. Through every phase of production, you will encounter terribly talented individuals who KNOW how to write a good script. Or who KNOW how to frame a shot or get a gripping performance out of talent. It’s literally their jobs.

Somewhere within the pitch and kick-off meetings, we lay out of our best vision for your campaign. This is informed by hours of research, internal brainstorming meetings, and a general sense of what’s working right now in the market.

From there, our writing team offers a fresh perspective to an industry or “insider” issue and gives your message purpose and a “voice.” For filming projects, our producer lines up key logistics, which may include location scouting, casting, and preliminary interviews with talent. For animation projects, our art director walks you through pre-visualization — a series of mood boards and story boards that will define the “look and feel” of a sequence.

On-site, we never have more crew members than what the story demands. Whether it’s a direct address message with your CEO or an elaborate TV commercial, we adhere to a strict filming schedule that intentionally leaves room for natural, impromptu moments with talent and additional b-roll coverage.

2021 Behind the Scenes

  • This blog post provides our four main tips for filming with non-professional talent.

In post-production, our expert editors see the first raw cuts of a message taking shape, paying careful attention to tone, pacing and clarity. And our motionographers bring a storyboard to life, meticulously creating layered environments and animating even the smallest character movements.

  • Here’s a behind the scenes look at all the hard work our animator puts into creating just a few seconds of an animated sequence.

The end product is the accumulation of dozens of hours from video-making craftspeople, ensuring that every component, every layer, and every frame reinforces your end message.

3. Sometimes, More is More

Video marketing agencies come in all shapes and sizes, but with a larger-scale video production company, you get the full team comprised of account reps, creative strategists, project managers, directors, animators, graphic designers, photographers, scriptwriters, you name it.

At LAI Video, our team becomes your team — a proper extension of your own marketing crew. With all the extra hands, we can take on a high volume of projects. Our schedule can absorb an impressive amount of work, with team members working interchangeably to meet aggressive deadlines, as seen in the 80(!) PSA videos we created for DC Public Schools within a two-month timeframe.

See the Emmy-winning campaign that we created for the DCPS PSA campaign below.

4. With the Times

More so than a small shop or internal resource, professional video companies strive to stay at the cutting edge of marketing trends. Behind the scenes, an agency’s team members are learning the ins and outs of yet another iteration of Adobe Premiere Pro with dozens of plug-ins and expressions and effects that you’ve never heard of. A great production house will also heavily invest in keeping its gear competitive in the ever-changing camera market. 8K anyone? Agencies are also geeking out over new formats so that you dont have to think about questions like: what are the differences between a sticker and a GIF? What do I do with a square video? And, do people prefer short or long videos?

When it comes to your content, the best creative partners will help you get out of the “same old” marketing rut and challenge you with unorthodox ideas. The video pros have seen it all, and will steer you toward newer, more engaging techniques that position your brand as bold and timely, while avoiding potentially problematic choices (let’s hold off on the dry erase videos — at least until they’re retro).

From explainer videos and feature-length documentaries to sizzle reels and promo videos, LAI Video works hard to impress your viewers with thoughtful, well-produced content that will rival anything they see on Netflix or TV.

​​​​​​​And here are even more samples of the high level of production you can expect from us:

DCPS 2021 Redesign Short Film: A 20-minute documentary following the lives of students and staff at DC’s Anacostia High School as they rally together to work through the challenges of the pandemic.

Virtual Standing Ovation Awards: Needing to adapt to virtual environment for events, DC Education Fund enlisted our partnership to create a pre-produced award show experience that delivered the excitement and emotion that matched the in-person experience.

Team-Photo50 Years of Clean Water Success: A fully animated commemorative video that breathes new life into the history of America’s clean water agencies.

5. A Resume of Superlative Work

Professional video production companies often bring decades of experience producing powerful videos for all different kinds of clients. Before selecting a video production agency to partner with, check out their past work and make note of the clients that they’ve serviced.

At LAI Video, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide array of partners across many industries, including finance, education, manufacturing, healthcare, real estate, and the non-profit sector. Our team knows how to work with child talent while filming in schools. We are well-versed in maneuvering sensitive content around medical issues or within hospital systems. And we regularly film with all types of talent — managing on-camera personalities that range from the board rooms of Fortune 500 companies to the salt of the earth workers on a construction site (we own our own hard hats!). As a result, we’ve become temporary experts across many niche markets.​​​​​​​

  • See our different approaches for clients across industries here.


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