Zoom & Enhance: Cinematic Ads & SEO Answers

by James Loizou

Clickbait, But for Smart People

Hey, fans of good video and good marketing and good video marketing! This is LAI Video’s first ever newsletter. Every month, we'll be sharing the scoop on industry news, things that make you nod your head, and our latest projects that will have you endlessly zooming and enhancing.

Because we all know that procedural trope—where the detective sits next to the computer whiz and says “STOP! Zoom in,” before adding “Now enhance.” It's that combination of zooming and enhancing that reveals an undeniable ah-ha moment. This newsletter is a collection of things that had us sit up, maybe spit out our coffee and then go “YES, of course!”

This month, we look at how positivity and pancakes can cut through your increasingly negative newsfeed and how anyone—even soccer players!—can tell a beautiful story.




Political Ads Are Getting Cinematic. And Happy.

Election season is gearing up, but there’s something different about this year’s ads. They make you go ☺ and not ☹. We go to our happy place and break apart three of the most popular, most viral candidate announcement videos. Keep reading.




A Conversation With Johnny Cupcakes

We caught up with Marketing Guru, Johnny Earle, founder of the world’s first t-shirt bakery, Johnny Cupcakes. In a candid interview, Johnny boils down everything from good fan engagement to being human and making pancakes. Keep reading.


How Can Your Video's Title Help Your SEO?

Senior Creative Director, James Favata, asks the important question: Does simply turning the title of your video into a question improve your search engine optimization (SEO) position and ranking? The answer may surprise you (the answer is yes). Keep reading.




Check out episode three of the new online sensation, The Swamp Online Series, a political series that falls somewhere between a guilty pleasure and required viewing. It’s that good. This episode already has over 6.2 million views and over 129K shares. Keep reading.



Together, Let's Make an Ad

The World Cup may be over, but marketers continue to geek out over some of its best ads. Like Iceland's beautiful Coca-Cola commercial that shows going to the big game is not just for the players, but also for a whole country. And the real kicker is that Hannes Thór Halldórssonthe spot's director—is also the team's friggin' goalkeeper. If that doesn't make you spit out your coffee (or Coke), I don't know what will.

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