Zoom & Enhance: Making Some Marketing Noise

by James Loizou


Hi marketers and marketing enthusiasts!

Today's online landscape is so congested, it can be overwhelming to imagine new ways of standing out. How do you grab and keep the attention of your audience? Be honest. Be friggin' weird!

And make some noise.

This month, we rev our collective marketing engines to come up with the best ways to communicate loudly. From understanding complex things like Noise Cubed technology to trying simple things like reframing your talking heads, we offer a variety of ideas to help your videos punch through the noise. Or is is cut through the noise? Break through the noise?

Whatever it is, it's going to be intense.

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secret sauce


The "talking head" is a sacred, tried-and-true approach for video-making. People have stories to tell, and you must put them on camera! But how? Do you do the off-camera interview? The on-camera? The off-off-camera? Creative Proposal Writer and talking head historian, Adam Katz, explores the pros and cons of selecting the perfect approach to featuring your brave and brilliant interviewees.

4 ways to frame a talking head


We hate to brag, but we have access to a few "Leading Authorities" from our sister-business speakers bureau. We partnered with former Head of Communications for Harley-Davidson, Ken Schmidt, to develop a trailer for his new book, Make Some Noise. Marketing guru and fan of loud noises, Adam breaks down our approach to that project and Ken's approach to something called the "Noise Cubed Trilogy."

making some noise


monthly masterpiece-1

We partnered with Leading Authorities (again, the speakers bureau), to put on Inspire, a day-long event of wild and whimsical motivational speeches. We produced ten speaker-intro-walkout-bumper things, which is quickly becoming our preferred method of welcoming presenters to the stage for any occasion. Watch these noisy, splashy, design-y videos that will have you standing up and giving these speakers a warm round of applause, even though the event was like three weeks ago.


good video vs people

Teaching Moments on Amazon Prime

With the heartbreaking news of a former heartthrob passing away from a stroke, the public is once again asking important questions about the disease. Our feature-length film, A Teachable Moment, could not be coming out at a more relevant time. We’re happy to announce that the documentary is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. The film tells the powerful stories of four stroke survivors seeking a new normal, punctuated by stunning animation that explains the science behind the disease. It’s a movie for everyone. Literally. Everyone needs to watch this movie.

a teachable moment



Discovering Your sense of humor

This week, Nike celebrated Nike Air Max Day by launching the “Discover Your Air Network” with Foot Locker. That’s right, it’s a totally fake TV channel but a totally real online campaign. This thing is sooo unapologetically 90’s and features some serious influencer talent. Check out comedic hits like “Airobics,” “Air it Out,” “The Air Pair” and “DYA News.” 

 And if that doesn’t have you turning down your marketing volume (because it’s too much noise), your ears are broken.

discover your air

Until next time, zooming out.


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