Zoom & Enhance: Marketing with Sticky Ideas and Sticky Stickers

by James Loizou


Hi marketers and marketing enthusiasts!

Whether you're texting a friend or marketing a brand, communicating digitally can be like speaking another language. Only it's a language that keeps evolving, forever tied to new technology and pop culture [insert ironic and timely emoji here].

Referencing the latest episode of Game of Thrones isn't enough. To achieve true woke status, you must also know the memes.

Even fonts (fonts!) are struggling to reflect the demands of the 21st century, as both Helvetica and the federal government released new typefaces this month to better adapt to unlimited screen sizes and applications.

Yes, the United States federal government made a font.

This month, we explore sticky ideas and sticky stickers. We also look at healthcare videos that will make you go "hmm" and food commercials that will make you go "mmm."

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secret sauce

Market Softly and Carry a Big Stick-er

Senior Scriptwriter and Senior Editor and Senior Young Person, Justin Kelly, talks about the new marketing craze known as "stickers." Stickers are an increasingly essential part of expressing yourself on social media, giving you the option to add mentions, polls and music to your posts. Now, LAI Video develops original GIF stickers for clients to share with the world. This is not just "millennial jazz hands," it's now an essential part of how we communicate through texts, posts and Instagram stories!


We partnered with the DC think tank, American Enterprise Institute, to promote its CEO's latest best-seller, Love Your Enemies. Inspired by the popular MasterClass series, we teased some of the book's best excerpts and advice, featuring casual-kitsch animation and a fancy-formal fireside with Dr. Arthur Brooks himself. In our shared mission of combating a "culture of contempt," this series aims to bridge ideological divides with accessible visuals and good old fashioned talking.


industry spotlight

Industry Spotlight: Healthcare

As we continue to look at the unique marketing needs of different industries, Creative Proposal Writer, Adam Katz, spotlights our work in helping healthcare organizations develop healthy communications strategies. From explaining new treatments with cutting-edge animation to telling emotional case study stories through long-form content and feature-length documentaries, we prescribe creative solutions to keep your marketing alive and well.



Now that's one smart cookie [commercial]

With Game of Thrones being the global phenomenon of the week, you'd have to be living under a [Casterly] Rock to not reference the mega-hit television show. To promote its partnership with Thrones, Oreo released a total remake of the iconic title sequence -- made exclusively with the classic cookie. And check out the behind-the-scenes story of how they rebuilt the world of Westeros in the "language of Oreo."

This app is fire

Burger King Brazil thought up the most delicious use of AR, releasing a new app feature that allows you to set fire to competitor billboards and other outdoor advertising by holding your phone up to the sign. After you "burn" the ad, you get a free Whopper. Because flame-grilled is always better. Or something.


If you're not immediately dropping these ideas into your DMs, then we have failed [insert ironic and timely emoji here].

Until next time, zooming out.


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