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by James Loizou


Hi, marketers and marketing enthusiasts!

Somehow, today, we are seeing an increase in TV commercials, but there are so many better, more creative ways to get your message out when you free yourself from 30 seconds of air time. This summer, we saw automaker rivals give each other touching nods of approval. We saw a shoemaker release a wonderfully retro and completely impractical guide to camping. And we saw a small-time Mexican taco-maker rip-off a big-budget movie in a truly mesmerizing and probably illegal viral video.

This month, we zoom and enhance on the biggest marketing challenges keeping our clients up at night (and why we like to edit past our bedtime!). We talk about promoting out-of-the-box programs with very in-the-box budgets, as well as telling the story of your average office building or not-so-average fast food-themed hotel. 

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secret sauce

overnight marketing success

Overnight editing is totally a thing and not magic. Evolved from the “happy face” genre of simpler times, we explore how a quickly assembled video can also be a thoughtfully crafted story. Learn how our our day-walkers and night-editors use the near scientific combination of careful planning and marketing “gut” to make near realtime messaging. 

the seven deadly challenges of marketing

We organized our diverse campaign work into the seven most prevalent challenges that our partners face. From creating awareness and recruiting talent to fundraising and developing original web content, use our Video Campaigns resource as a way to spark inspiration and remind yourself that you are not alone… it can get better.


We recently completed spotlights on a new series for DC Public Schools that focuses on The Design Lab, a special-ops group of innovative educators that are rebuilding the standard curriculum to focus on the whole child. From Ludlow-Taylor Elementary’s relentless physical fitness routine to Hendley Elementary’s honest-to-God robotics class, this series highlights The Design Lab’s ability to support big, beautiful ideas for a school system that’s competing with robust private and charter options. 


industry spotlight

If you build it (we will market it), they will come

The built environment industry is faced with lengthy construction schedules and the challenge of selling space that doesn’t exist yet! But video can play a crucial role in helping prospective clients, investors, tenets and community leaders visualize the end product. Our Creative Proposal Writer and Creative Building Enthusiast, Adam Katz, examines how our use of documentary-storytelling and animation visualizes not only physical structures, but also the positive impact that a specific project has on people’s lives. 



taco bell opened a hotel and we can't even

Taking brand activations to new and certainly unrequested extremes, Taco Bell wrapped the V Palm Springs resort into a legit Taco Bell-themed Hotel. That’s right. For four nights only, guests stayed at The Bell, a one-of-a-kind pop-up that offered beautifully branded room service, bathrobes, pillows, floats, and salon services. Taco Bell cleverly invited influencers—both fans and satirists—to visit the hotel and share with the world their unique experience with a brand that’s eager to be seen as fun, funny, and living más.

If that doesn’t give you plenty of alternative marketing ideas for tacos and other things, see what’s on TV. 

Until next time, zooming out.



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