Zoom & Enhance: Not Your Grandfather's Marketing

by James Loizou


Hey, marketers and marketing enthusiasts! If you're reading this, it's because you love telling a good story. And if you're working in this industry, it's because you love never being comfortable with anything and always having to relearn what people want. I mean, seriously. Is the future of video horizontal or vertical? Do viewers want short videos or really long videos? Should your videos even bother using sound?

This month, we zoom and enhance on the type of storytelling that uses type (and other tactics!) to connect with viewers. Whether you're designing spaces that offer limitless inspiration, selling the latest gotta-have-it device or simply trying to end childhood hunger, video is used quite elastically to make a point. Or an impression. Or millions of impressions.

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Guys, #hungercantwait!

Last year, we got #hangry. This year, we hit the road once again to remind the public that #HungerCantWait. Partnering with No Kid Hungry and its Dine Out initiative, our crew just returned from a month-long series of event activations with some of the thousands of participating restaurants that are raising awareness and funds to end childhood hunger.



Big news!

Our feature-length documentary, A Teachable Moment, is part of the official selection for the 14th Annual Utopia Film Festival in Greenbelt, MD. Our film on stroke prevention and treatment is in good company as this event showcases movies that strive to make our lives and society better. Check the official website for screening details.




How do you design a worthy story for storyteller designers? We partnered with FOX Architects to produce a behind-the-scenes featurette that explores these space-makers' commitment to community, culture and the creative process. Watch the video, then let's Charrette about it.



WHat is kinetic typography?

Is it a superpower? Calligraphy for robots? From big, booming Alfred Hitchcock titles to silent videos on your phone, our Marketing Content Manager Maddie Glading takes us through the history of dynamic on-screen text (doesn't kinetic typography sound way cooler?)




don't blink

While the world continues to talk about Apple's latest product announcements, we can't stop watching their latest launch video. Breathtaking aerial footage of Apple Park. Splashy splash shots of phones being hit by beer. And, yes, kinetic typography (!) that doesn't follow your grandfather's "read-it-twice" rule for on-screen text. 

Because sometimes, you just gotta be bold and not do what your grandfather did with video marketing.



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