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Zoom & Enhance: Steal Great Ideas (Before the Robots Do!)



We are constantly bombarded with new trends and technology, but how do we know what will last? 

Artificial intelligence, for example, is only beginning to influence the world of marketing. The technology promises unlikely new tools, like this facial generator that allows you to cast —  uhh, create — the perfect fake person to model in your stock photos. Cool! But it also threatens to completely undo us as the public is helplessly  duped by deepfakes, losing all trust in video marketing. Forever.

Not cool.

But until that happens, we have some really neat things to share with you. Forget that stuff about helpless duping. 

This month, we zoom and enhance on practical ways to improve your content, as inspired by some of the best videos on the web right now. From reimagining the "talking head" to reintroducing humor to your PSAs, you will forget all about artificial intelligence as we look for new ideas the old fashioned way. 


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Walk the Walk with Talking Heads

The “talking head” genre gets a bad wrap. As much as we hate to admit it, sometimes you need a talking head. And that’s OK! From 73 Questions to 60 Minutes, we present five easy ways to make you fall in love with talking heads all over again. Or at least, you know, tolerate them.

The Healing Power of Animation

With an overcomplicated healthcare system and an overwhelming number of ways to freak yourself out by googling medical things, animation remains a trusted way to communicate with consumers. With credibility, you can explain hypertension. With comedy, you can talk about better butts.


industry spotlight

It Belongs in a Museum

In the deep underbelly of Dupont Circle, LAI Video has a video creation endlessly looping as part of Next Stop, an animation exhibit that showcases the work of the city’s finest motionographers. Our team reinterpreted the DC commuter experience as an 8-bit side-scroller, following a young woman on her electric scooter navigating the very literal humor of “Eye Street” and “Foggy Bottom” (a second butt joke, I apologize).



We were excited to partner with the American Culinary Federation to cook up an overnight video promotional video at their annual convention. Featuring fully-baked soundbites with attendees and yummy b-roll shots of chef participating in renowned competitions, the final masterpiece not only summarizes the three-day event, but also celebrates the association itself. Bon appétit!


industry spotlight

A Video with Serious Seoul

Our Creative Proposal Writer and in-house Travel Video Enthusiast, Adam Katz, breaks down a jaw-dropping film through South Korea. With head-spinning transitions and Koyaanisqatsi-level juxtapositions, Adam offers three essential techniques for you to consider in your own Seoul-ful videos.


Serving Hard-Hitting Stories Since 1962

In stark contrast, this NYTimes commercial shows very little but reminds us about the power of thoughtful audio design. Set to the sounds of an increasingly intense tennis match, this seemingly simple but terribly effective ad spotlights the newspaper’s commitment to covering gender inequality in sports.

And if that doesn’t give you hope for humanity, the robots have already won.

Until next time, zooming out.



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